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After you learn English grammar, can you use it to speak English?

Web Active English by the Speak English Group teaches you how to speak English and you will learn English speaking for use in the real world.  Our method of how to improve English speaking skills solves oral communication problems.  Thus, the focus is on fast and effective solutions to speak English in real-world environments.

Learn English Speaking

learn english speaking

You probably spent a lot of time trying to learn English grammar from ESL books and lessons. However, to speak English and improve your oral communication skills require active English practice in a real-world environment.  Many students will learn English but will still have oral communication problems when using their knowledge to speak English.



How to Speak English

how to speak englishThere are currently an estimated 1.2 billion students trying to learn English in many countries throughout the world. Also, English classes are now required in many schools, and students still have problems with trying to learn English speaking. Research show learning how to speak English is a common problem for ESL students from all countries. Students will take grammar courses for years, but they still feel uncomfortable when it is time to speak English.

International Journal on Studies in English Language and Literature Volume 2, Issue 6, June 2014:  “The teachers think that teaching grammar and vocabulary items are enough to help students in speaking.―We teach the vocabulary, grammar, but they don’t study at home. It seems that teachers are unaware that studying vocabulary items and grammar rules by students is not enough for improving students’ speaking skill. Actually, teachers are not aware enough that focusing on teaching the form does not necessarily result in using it, and that’s why students need to engage in communication—in order to improve their speaking skill.” 

How to improve English speaking

english eventsIf you want to learn English speaking, memorizing grammar lessons or attending English classes is not enough. Therefore, to learn how to improve English speaking requires speaking skills and practice.  Speaking involves active body movement which requires enunciation, pronunciation, and intonation.   Thus, it is a physical skill requiring practice similar to playing a sport, game or musical instrument. If you want to improve English speaking fast, you must learn the speaking skills and practice.

In the typical school lessons on English, teachers explained the grammatical rules, students did the exercises set out in the textbooks, and classroom interactions were largely one-way. Oral communication skills such as speaking and listening are almost totally ignored. Students rarely had the chance to use English in conversation in the classroom, and were under no pressure to become competent in this.” (International Education Journal, Monash University, Australia) 

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by Ngoc on Web Active English

Kevin has helped me a lot in preparing for my IELTS test. Thank you

by Mike on Web Active English

Kevin is the best teacher

by yangwei on Web Active English

awesome! Kevin will focus on problems and does not follow boring books. It is custom lessons and the best.

by Natasha on Web Active English

Kevin is creative.  It works!

by 刘 洋 on Web Active English

Kevin is awesome.  I improved to advance very quickly.  He focused on my problems and not boring book.  The classes are fun but solves problems.  He goes fast but makes it easy and exciting. He is the best for help.

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