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How to Improve English Speaking Skills.

To improve English speaking requires knowing good speaking skills and practice using these skills in real-world situations. Many students believe by just reading a grammar book, they will be able to speak English fluently. If you want to improve English speaking, you must put down the grammar books and learn to practice English speaking skills.  Grammar is important, but more focus should be on English speaking problems and using English in the real world. Many advanced grammar students cannot understand English in movies, tv, or lectures.  These are examples of English being used in the real world.  

We are watching movies and tv and also speaking our native language years before starting grammar classes in school.   When we learn our native language, we begin by listening then repeating what we hear in the real world.  This is before we start taking language classes or grammar lessons.  Why not do the same for learning English?

Learn English Speaking Skills: Enunciation, Pronunciation, and Intonation

To be clearly understood, excellent speaking skills are required. When speaking, good grammar and other language skills can be irrelevant and useless with poor enunciation, pronunciation, and intonation. Most students say improving English speaking skills, such as enunciation, pronunciation, and intonation are a priority.

The problem is improving enunciation, pronunciation and intonation are very difficult English lessons to teach. These require using physical action and interaction skills, and not just memorizing rules in an ESL English class.  Research says that English speaking skills and teacher training in enunciation, pronunciation and intonation lessons are very limited which makes it uncomfortable for many teachers in English class.

Learning English speaking skills is extremely important if you want to improve English oral communication.

English Speaking Practice is Required

Speaking English is like learning a sport, musical instrument, game, or a hobby.  It requires practice to be excellent and effective.  Not only do you need to practice using all your English knowledge, but it also requires a physical action to make correct English pronunciation and intonation.  One of the most important factors of how to speak English is speaking practice.  Finding English speaking opportunities can be difficult.

Web Active English tries to provide opportunities and ideas for you to practice.

International Business English Problems

Effective communication is a key to business success. The rapid growth of global business increases the need for globalized English communication. Most people planning to work in global business know this demand and need to learn  English speaking. Reading and writing is a good start, but English speaking and listening skills will also be necessary. Oral communication can be extremely important to business success.

Web Active English will soon be adding resources for business English.  You can contact us for more details.

“An overwhelming majority of English language–related courses deal primarily with areas such as English literature, theories of language and language learning, and grammatical and phonological systems of the English language, with an emphasis on increasing the knowledge and awareness about the systems of the language rather than the ability to use this knowledge in real communication.”Australian Journal of Teacher Education 

Study Abroad: English Speaking Solutions

It is now common for university students to study at native English international universities. Research studies show these ESL university students have communication problems. Though they studied English and probably passed an ESL English test (IELTS, TOEIC, etc.), they had many English speaking problems. Their ability to speak English was not at an acceptable level. Their ESL English classes did not have them prepared for their university lessons.  The English tests should include equal emphasis on all the English skills for an accurate result. However, that is not always true.

International Education Journal:

In summary the interviews provided five findings.

  • Students’ prior English language learning experience has an impact on how well they can cope with the academic requirement of the Australian university.
  • The data indicate that students did not have sufficient exposure to English language conversation either in classroom or outside class, prior to coming to Australia.
  • Classroom practice was not only largely didactic (one-way) rather than conversational in form, but was largely confined to the teaching of grammatical rules.
  • This classroom practice appeared to have shaped some learner’s beliefs that grammar was the most important part of English language learning.
  • It appeared that this belief had then become manifested in their communication behaviour, so that they were not able to communicate effectively, socially and academically, and the learning of conversational skills was retarded.

In the move from country of origin to country of education, it is common for the primary English language learning goal to shift from grammar and vocabulary, to effective communication. This shift is very typical of the experience of many of the 85 per cent of international students studying in Australia who come from Asian nations.

Passing international English tests should not be your only goal.  Why are you taking the  IELTS, TOEFL, GRE, TOEIC, or other English tests?  You need to know English, not just to pass a test, but to be successful in using English for oral communication.

You probably spent a lot of time on learning English grammar from ESL books and lessons. However, you may still have English speaking problems. It is very common, and that is why Web Active English focuses on English speaking solutions. Click Here to Learn More


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