30 June

Are the methods for learning speaking skills effective?

While there is little doubt about teachers’ awareness of the importance of speaking skills, there is even less doubt about students’ need for more speaking improvement. Most students agree speaking is a priority and their biggest problem. Despite common knowledge about the importance of teaching speaking skills, in English courses …

30 June

Improving English Speaking Skills

In the last 100 years, the world has improved in most areas of life. Research and education has changed the way we live, and the world is always improving with new technology and research. This includes the study of the human brain and how it works. In schools, most subjects …

03 March

Welcome to WebActive English

Welcome to WebActive English. Our teaching method is different with a focus on English communication and speaking skills. We teach you how to use your English knowledge to communicate more effectively in the real world. Speak English Group’s goal is to provide English resources for improving communication and English skills. …