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Our English Speaking Method – Learn to Speak English 

We solve common English speaking problems.

The most common English problem is how to speak English.  When I started teaching, ESL students immediately informed me of their English speaking problems, and I searched for their solutions.  However, I could not find any ESL books or resources with the answers.  So, I began experiments to solve their English speaking problems.  After many years of teaching, I finally have the answers to many English solutions.  Web Active English focuses on the common problems and English speaking solutions for adults.

Web Active English uses Communicative Language Teaching (CLT) to improve speaking. 

Web Active English has started English speaking online and would like to share our how to learn English speaking method to more people throughout the world. 

The goal is to teach how to learn English speaking with interactive oral communication, instead of using traditional English lessons and grammar books.  With Communicative Language Teaching (CLT), the priority is on English communication and not English grammar.  Our English method uses this to improve English speaking with a real-world practice which is common to native English speakers.

Research shows we learn faster and remember more from real situations (95%) than lectures (5%).

Lecture (see / hear)5%
Audio / Visual Aids20%
Teaching others90%
Real World situations95%

Our English speaking lessons are different than the traditional methods. Thus, Web Active English focuses on the top 4 (real world, teaching others, practice, and discussions) and not the traditional bottom 4. Students improve English speaking fast and learn to speak English more effectively.  

Our students learn how to improve English speaking using our method and the interactive CLT technique.

The priority is on English speaking skills, and not English grammar from traditional ESL books and English lessons. This method is fast and effective in teaching students how to learn English and solve their English problems. Click Here to Learn More

Videos: How to Improve English Speaking Skills 

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