Improving English Speaking Skills

In the last 100 years, the world has improved in most areas of life. Research and education has changed the way we live, and the world is always improving with new technology and research.
This includes the study of the human brain and how it works. In schools, most subjects are taught using new methods, and students are smarter and learning at a faster rate. However, English teachers, schools, and books are using many of the same methods used 100 years ago. For example, I met an owner of an English school in eastern Europe, and their school was accused of copying the lessons and books from another school. This dispute went to court and it was discovered the other school copied their lessons and books from a Chinese method used 40 years ago. Many English schools, teachers, and books are still teaching using the same methods from many years ago. English teaching methods need to improve faster with more advanced methods.
“The teachers think that teaching grammar and vocabulary items is enough to help students in speaking.―We teach the vocabulary, grammar, but they don’t study at home . It seems that teachers are unaware that studying vocabulary items and grammar rules by students is not enough for improving students’ speaking skill. Actually, teachers are not aware enough that focusing on teaching the form does not necessarily result in using it, and that’s why students need to be engaged in communication—in order to improve their speaking skill.” (International Journal on Studies in English Language and Literature, 2014)

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